Shoring Services, Permanent and Temporary

Jones shoring department specializes in earth shoring and underpinning solutions. We closely collaborate with our geo- tech engineer partners to find the best value and solutions for our clients and owners. With safety in mind, we construct and stabilize adjacent property and slopes, add value and reduce risk to property, and maximize valuable real estate for further use.
Beam and Lagging Shoring System
Sheer Wall and Seismic Upgrade
Sheet Pile Shoring
Beam, Plate and Lagging Shoring
Soil Nail and Shotcrete Permanent Shoring
Soil Nail and Shotcrete Wall
Coffer Dam Installation
Sheet Pile Shoring
Soldier Pile Installation
Esthetic Shotcrete Finish
Utility Crossing
Esthetic Shotcrete
Shotcrete Sheer Wall
Sheet Pile Shoring
Secant Wall
Soil Nail and Shotcrete