Drilling and Deep Foundations

Jones drilling department continues to do work along the Wasatch front and neighboring states. Our versatile and state of the art machinery allow us to drill in adverse conditions and in hard to reach places. We also have rock drills to meet varied needs. We can drill hole sizes up to 14 ft. diameter and to a depth of 200 ft.
Auger Cast Pile
Drilled Piers and Rebar Placement
Setting Piles
Bridgework, Heavy Civil, Sign Foundation Drilling
Drilling Large Diameter Piers Substation
Casing Placement
Driven Pile
Underpinning Micropiles
Setting and Concrete
Dry Well Drilling
Confined space Drilling Rock Springs
Well Point Drilling and Placement
Micropile Installation
Wellpoint Installation
Deep Foundation Cased Holes
Compacted Stone Columns